your daily dose of

collagen & radiance boost

lack of collagen and dull skin? Looking to prevent first
signs or again and achieve healthy skin?


discover our newest innovations formulated with an expert delivery of philosophy’s patented oxygen booster technology and derm-approved actives  - grafted vitamin c and grafted hyaluronic acid.


expect rapid and lasting results without any downside or
irritation for bouncy and radiant skin and brighter under eyes


dark circle brightening eye cream

98% saw smoother skin and a reduction in dark circles*

not all dark circles are created the same.

our new universal eye cream targets the main reasons why dark circles are visible:

thin, translucent skin and dark shadows

*based on an 8-week consumer study with 101 women​ aged 25-55  with application​ twice a day

seeing is believing

saw smoother skin + a reduction in dark circles after 4 weeks*
saw minimized lines after 4 weeks*
agreed the look of eye bags are diminished after 8 weeks*
*based on an 8-week consumer study with 100 women aged 15-55 with 2x/day application

bouncy skin reactivating serum

proven in 1 week to visibly restore 10 signs of bouncy, healthy skin:* revived skin , plumped skin , fine lines reduced , luminous skin, smooth skin, hydrated skin, bright skin , soft skin, soothed skin, resilient skin​

reactivate skin’s vitality and restore skin’s healthy bounce
through in depth hydration, collagen support and radiance boost.

*based on a 8 week consumer study with 106 women aged 30-65  with 2x/day application.

seeing is believing

saw immediate improvement in skin radiance*
agree skin feels cushiony in 1 week**
agree skin looks & feels plumped, revived and better rested in 8 weeks**
agree skin looks stronger, healthier, and more luminous in 8 weeks**
* based on a 8 week clinical testing with 34 subjects, age 31-65 in the US with 2x/day application.
** based on a 8 week consumer study with 106 women aged 30-65 with 2x/day application.

dose of wisdom™ key ingredients

cleanse. refine. treat. moisturize