what's inside

one-step facial cleanser, 1oz tones and lightly hydrates in one simple step for smooth skin that feels perfectly cleaned and comfortably balanced. formulated for normal-to-dry skin types but gentle and effective enough for the sensitive eye area, it deep cleans pores, while the meadowfoam seed oil extract helps condition skin for instant hydration.
smooth-glow multi-tasking moisturizer, 0.5oz this revolutionary moisturizer renews skin by removing accumulated dead skin while increasing skin’s ability to rehydrate and support its natural hyaluronic acid for deep and long-lasting hydration and smoother, radiant skin.
bouncy skin reactivating serum, 0.1oz this daily facial serum works wonders as an energetic jumpstart for the skin, reactivating & restoring healthy bounce through deep hydration and collagen support so skin is supported to perform at its best, continuously. philosophy’s patented vitality booster loaded with oxygen, plus molecule grafted vitamin c and hyaluronic acid are expertly delivered according to philosophy’s dermatologic wisdom™ formulation principle to optimize their benefits.